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Milestone Be independent

Milestone Class

Course introduction

  • A blended-learning course designed for intermediate to upper intermediate and above English learners.

  • Students will complete 48 units within 6 months and be provided with weekly digital PDF handouts (Cheat sheets) and PowerPoint slides.

  • Students will have access to Hysan’s Google classroom and Hysan Voxy Learning app where they can find supplementary practices for vocabulary, listening , reading and writing.

Course completion requirements

  • Students must have at least 80% attendance (38 roll calls out of 48) to get certificate.

  • Students must successfully complete the following online practices:

  • Vocabulary [up to 1200 words].

  • Students must take periodic assessments for speaking and listening, pronunciation, and vocabulary using the online platform. Feedback from the teacher will be given in the face-to-face sessions.

  • Students must take the Milestone Achievement Test by the end of the course.

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