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Booster Be confident 


Who is this course for?

  • Students who have achieved Elementary/Basic level but want to study next stage

  • Students who get between 15 -35 marks in placement test

  • Students who just finished the Matriculation exam and university students who want to start from systematic approach to English language learning in all four skills

  • Working people who want to get familiar with everyday use of language in all skills should join this course.

What the course is about?

  • It is a comprehensive English Course that helps adult learners gain confidence in all skill areas and encourage students to open up in classroom activities. Students will be able to engage in interactive speaking practice activities, grammar section with detailed explanations & activities, creative tasks which allow them to enjoy their learning and feel motivated to progress.

What are included in this course?


  • Engaging, up-to-date, relevant texts to stimulate interest and motivate learners to read and the topics are the ones that learners will probably encounter in their everyday lives such as summarizing, extracting specific information, reacting to an opinion, guessing the meaning of unknown vocabulary and following discourse markers.​


  • DVD extracts from BBC Documentary, everyday dialogues, conversations and listening texts by using strategies such as micro listening, listening for global meaning, scanning for specific information and noticing nuances of intonation, expression, asking for repetition and paraphrasing by using audio scripts.


  • Engaging topics and tasks in the form of discussion, giving personal response to a reading text, debate, role-plays, individual& joint & group presentations to enhance learners’ motivation, confidence, greater fluency, accuracy, and complexity.


  • By providing a model, the writing tasks (such as group story writing, write back tasks )  are aimed to generate ideas, personal responses and to produce their own piece of writing with relevant stages such as brainstorming on paper, note taking,  planning( paragraphing, organizing content and using linking words.


  • There will be pronunciation handouts that focus on practical, integral approach to develop learners’ pronunciation. It includes sentence stress, word stress, intonation, connected speech together with actual audio recording in class and giving feedbacks sessions.

What can students do after the course?

  • Students after joining this whole course can join the Milestone Course (Intermediate and above Four skills + IELTS Foundation,3:1 Course) as a next stage throughout their English language learning journey. Or students who want to excel their speaking by practicing with foreigner teacher should join Accelerate Speaking and listening class as a next stage.

What are the benefits of the course?

  • The course is flexible with the chance to interact with teacher in English language and get immediate feedbacks, vocabulary , idea support for assignments. In addition, learners can learn effectively from bilingual instruction from teacher ( Myanmar & English , 90% of instructions are in English) and life-long eligibility to join Hysan Social Club and the chance to become Hysan star Student.

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