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Adaptive Learning for the Global Enterprise

Training Industry Magazine, a well-known publication for learning and development professionals, recently published Adaptive Learning for the Global Enterprise by Voxy’s Chief Education Officer, Dr. Katie Nielson. In the article, Katie spotlights the burgeoning use of adaptive learning in workplace language training and the positive impact of Voxy’s personalized programs on leading global companies, including Chobani, Grundfos, and Campari.

Adaptive learning is the process of personalizing training materials to the specific needs of each learner and is at the core of Voxy’s pedagogical approach. The use of adaptive learning is growing in popularity both in traditional classroom settings and in the workplace. Katie notes “This emerging technology has the potential to upskill employees in an area that has vexed employers for decades: language learning. To be effective, both in-person and virtual language learning programs must adjust for individual learner proficiency, provide lessons in a sequence that is responsive to learners’ performance and needs, and facilitate language learning development in a context that is relevant and interesting to the learner.” Further, adaptive English training helps companies gain a competitive edge with the ability to fill vacant roles from within instead of relying on a labor market with talent shortages. 

We invite you to read the full article to learn how Voxy programs lend to the success of global companies and their employees.





Author - Alexis Todd : Alexis is one of Voxy’s Marketing Managers. Part of the Marketing team, she helps showcase how Voxy improves careers and performance by breaking down workplace language barriers. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Business and many years of experience leading marketing strategy for multinational organizations. Prior to joining Voxy, Alexis was on the Global Marketing team at WebMD.

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