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Daily Dose English


Useful Expressions

Mike enrolled in a computer science course last month.

To enroll in (US)/ to enrol on (UK)

[to register to start something]

Mike is working all day to meet the deadline for his essay.

To meet a deadline

[to finish something within a given time]

Mike almost missed the deadline for his research project.

to miss a deadline

[to fail to finish something within a given time]

Their views on teaching a class are polar opposites.

Polar opposites

[completely different]

I’d like you to compare and contrast these two pictures.

To compare and contrast

[to consider and describe the similarities and differences between things]

နောက်နေ့တွေမှာလည်း နေ့စဉ်သုံးတွေထဲမှာ အသုံးဝင်မဲ့စကားလုံးလေးတွေကို sharingလုပ်ပေးသွားမှာမလို့ စောင့်ကြည့်ပေးပါဦးနော်။

Great Thanks ✌️

See you tomorrow

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