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Idioms about TIME

🚀A devil of a time

Meaning: A difficult or frustrating time.

Example: We had a devil of time in this year.

🚀Ahead of time

Meaning: Earlier than a given deadline

Example: If we go to the restaurant ahead of time, we won't need to wait.

🚀Time to hit the road

Meaning: Time to depart

Example: Look at the clock. It's past midnight. It's time to hit the road.

နောက်နေ့တွေမှာလည်း တေ့စဉ်သုံးစကားလုံးလေးတွေ Sharingလုပ်ပေးသွားဦးမှာမလို့ ဆက်လက်စောင့်ကြည့်ပေးပါဦးနော်။

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