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ဒီနေ့မှာတော့ Happiness နဲ့ဆိုင်တဲ့ Idioms လေးတွေကိုလေ့လာကြရအောင်✌️✌️

On a cloud nine

Meaning: Very happy and excited


1. He was on cloud nine when his sister came to visit him.

2.He was on cloud nine after winning the competition.

3.Adam was on cloud nine after the birth of his son.

Have a whale of a time

Meaning: To enjoy yourself very much


1.We were having a whale of time, dancing and drinking.

2.Of course they have a whale of a time singing ‘Oom pah pah’, it’s a really fun scene.

3.In the daytime I would go to the embassy grounds, sit around the pool, drink, smoke cigarettes, I was having a whale of a time.

Walk on air

Meaning: To feel extremely happy


1. After he won the race, he was walking on air.

2.Most couples feel they are walking on air on their wedding day.

3.She was walking on air after she got the job.

စကားလုံးလေးတွေမှတ်ရာမှာ အလွတ်ကျက်မှတ်တာမျိုးမလုပ်ပဲ တစ်နေရာရာမှာ applyပြန်လုပ်တာမျိုးလေးလုပ်စေချင်ပါတယ်။ ဥပမာ အဲ့စကားလုံးလေးတွေသုံးပြီးစာကြောင်းပြန်ရေးတာမျိုးတို့ စကားပြောရာမှာမဖြစ်မနေထည့်သုံးတာမျိုးတို့မှာ သုံးလို့ရပါတယ်။

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