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Practical Tips from IELTS 7.5 winner, Shin Thant Aye, our former IELTS Preparation class student

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

1. How she prepared for the IELTS test...

She tried to have fun during the progress.

She is a big fan of movies so she finds motivation and, LEARN while having FUN at the same time.

She also enjoys reading so it helped her a lot with her preparing without too much effort.

“Find your inspiration in things you love and be motivated”

With movies, she focuses mainly on subtitles as well as how they pronounce and speak.

Reading mainly novels and magazines which she found quite unique phrases for her writing.

2. How she overcame...(Writing and speaking were quite challenging for her.

She lacks vocab skills as well.)

Speaking part – she thinks in English for all her daily conversation and practices in her mind. Watch tutorial videos, copy their style of speaking, record herself and try repeatedly.

Writing part – she mainly reads exam articles and the sample essays for variety of topics

other than English movies, she does watch Korean dramas with English subtitles and that’s one of the reasons she learns and improves her writing skills.

As the translations are quite accurate both grammatically and structure, it was very helpful for her to move on nice and slowly.

Other than taking aid from schools and training centres you still need to practice independently like she did. What matters is the input that you pour in for yourself.

3. How she managed time…

Climax period of her university, where she had to work so hard for the coming semester as well as for the IELTS exam. She really had a hard time managing and extracting time for both of her studies.

She read and took short tests for IELTS during school lunch break.

For speaking practice timing is really important so she trained herself to fit in with the limited time whenever she does the speaking. The more you PRACTICE the more CONFIDENT you become. It takes TIME and CONSISTENCY to get better.

And it is required at least 2 months of practice before the IELTS exam but if you are aiming for higher ones you better prepare more than just 2 months.

And she needed to register for the test at least a month in advance for the IELTS exam.

4. Why chose Hysan…

She has already taken the IELTS test once in 2015, but it is expired now.

She needed to take it again as she is planning to study abroad.

She wanted to learn systematically and effectively, so she searched for a learning centre online and found Hysan.

Some of her friends also achieved high band scores. They are really thankful to have chosen Hysan for their journey and they recommended Hysan.

5. For exam focus…

She said that Hysan class had driven us to take tests and the teacher had kept track of our skills and records on our improvements which was really helpful for her in her studies. She also took online practice tests.

She has made English as part of her daily routine ever since she started her university first year.


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