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Idioms with FRUITS


Meaning: A person or thing that is beautiful.

Example: You brought me coffee?

Ah, you're a peach.

Go bananas

Meaning: To become very angry, crazy or annoyed

Example: She'll go bananas if she sees the house in this (dirty) condition.

The apple of your eye

Meaning: The person who you are very fond of

Example: She has three children, but her youngest son is the apple of her eyes.


Meaning: A vehicle that does not work properly

Example: The car dealer sold me a lemon.

A bite at the cherry

Meaning: An opportunity to achieve something.

Example: He definitely wants a bite of the cherry.

နောက်နေ့တွေမှာလည်း စိတ်ဝင်စားစရာကောင်းပြီး ကွဲပြားတဲ့ Themeနဲ့ Idiomsလေးတွေ sharingလုပ်ပေးသွားမှာမလို့ ဆက်လက်စောင့်ကြည့်ပေးပါဦးနော်။

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